Very Sheltered Homes in the Scottish Highlands
Very Sheltered Homes in the Scottish Highlands


On a daily basis, the Housekeeper or Relief Housekeeper runs the house and is 'the first port of call' for any problems experienced by residents.

Otherwise, House Management responsibilities tend to fall into one of two categories  -   either planning/strategic issues or operational matters.

Planning/strategic issues together with corporate responsibilities are dealt with by a Board of Directors who are supported by an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer, all of whom are elected to office at each Annual General Meeting. Within this Executive Committee certain  members are delegated to take a lead role on Personnel; Property Maintenance & Development and Health & Safety.

The Board of Directors meets regularly every two months.

Operational matters are largely attended to by a House Committee, though on occasions some items have to be referred to the Executive Meeting for discussion and/or resolution. The House Committee is made up of some  Board members and other general members of The Society and includes participation by the Housekeeper and a nominated representative of the residents.

The House Committee meets regularly every month.

In addition to these committees, other supporters of The Society form a group called "Friends of Abbeyfield Atholl Society" and they raise funds mainly designed to be for the benefit of the residents, although at times they generously contribute to the cost of furnishing and fittings. The Chairman of "Friends" also serves as a member of the Board.

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